Photo: Oceanteam

Swan Hunter package for Oceanteam cable barge

Swan Hunter has delivered a full project management, design engineering, and mobilisation support package for Oceanteam.

This allowed Oceanteam Solutions to execute a cable transpooling job with its cable transportation and handling barge.

Swan Hunter designed a fully flexible deck layout allowing cable loading/off-loading through four different cable highway routes.

This also allows transpooling from/to various onshore facilities, and cable installation vessels.

The barge is self-sufficient whereby tensioners, trackways, and overboarding chutes, are all repositioned using a standard telehandler permanently onboard, negating the use of mobile cranes.

The engineering package included deck layout and cable highway design, equipment seafastening design, barge stability and ballasting calculations, as well as product transpooling procedures.

Gerard Kroese, director at Swan Hunter, said:

“This engineering package demonstrates Swan Hunter’s ability to provide engineering and consultancy services, in addition to our specialist equipment.

“This design offers an extremely flexible and low cost solution to cable handling and transportation.”