Swire Seabed expands subsea vessel fleet

Norway-based subsea operations specialist Swire Seabed, a subsidiary of Swire Pacific Offshore, has expanded its fleet with a subsea support and construction vessel (SSCV) it had bought from Olympic. 

The vessel was delivered to Swire on Tuesday, December 6 and renamed from Olympic Athene to Seabed Constructor.

The Seabed Constructor joins the rest of Swire Seabed’s subsea fleet, the Seabed Worker, Seabed Supporter, and Seabed Prince, designed to perform a range of light construction, IMR, and survey work scopes in both oil & gas and renewables sector.

Swire said that its new vessel will be working on global AUV operations as part of a six-year contract with the UK-based Ocean Infinity.

The Seabed Constructor is of an MT 6022 MKII design built by Kleven Verft. It is 115,40 meters long, 22,00 meters wide, with a deadweight of 6,480 tonnes, and accommodation for 102 persons. The vessel is also equipped with a 250-tonne crane and a free deck space of 1,300 square meters.

Arvid Pettersen, CEO of Swire Seabed, said: “The decision to invest in this high quality subsea vessel is part of Swire Seabed’s long-term growth strategy. Our contract with Ocean Infinity enables the company to establish a survey department that can process and present large quantities of high quality data to our clients.”