TDI-Brooks Deploys Proteus in Brazil Under TGS Contract

TDI-Brooks International has, under contract with TGS, deployed the R/V Proteus to Brazil to begin an offshore coring program with advanced geochemistry analysis.

Photo: TDI-Brooks

The multi-client program in Brazil will span over 4 months for the Proteus, to include 330 Piston Cores, 33 JPCs and 33 HF sites, with a second phase to start early 2019.

The program in Brazil follows the successful Gigante and Otos programs in 2016-2017 in the Gulf of Mexico.

The 2016-2017 programs covered approximately 289,000 km2 with TDI-Brooks executing over 250 navigated piston cores with 750 baseline petroleum advanced geochemistry analysis, 140+ 20m Jumbo Piston Cores (JPC) for stratigraphic analysis and age dating and 150 heat flow (HF) flow measurements for basin modelling.

TDI Brooks added that the Proteus will be available on the spot market for projects in Brazil during Q4 2018.