TenneT looking for crew transfer vessels

TenneT has launched a tender looking for crew transfer vessels (CTVs) and respective crews for its offshore platforms in the Dutch and German North Sea.

The CTVs will be used for transporting industrial personnel and small cargo from nominated harbors to the platforms and vice versa.

The tender is divided into two lots, where Lot 1 seeks CTVs with a minimum economic speed of 24kn (at 85 % engine power) and a minimum 12 PAX capacity for the Dutch North Sea.

TenneT intends to conclude one framework agreement for the duration of two years. The contract can be prolonged twice, each time by one year.

Lot 2 covers transport from German harbors to offshore platforms in the German North Sea, and vice versa, via CTVs with a minimum economic speed of 20 knots (at 85 % engine power) and 24 PAX capacity.

TenneT intends to conclude framework agreements with three contractors who are to compete in mini competitions for each actual requirement. A contractor will be awarded based on vessel availability during the tendered time frame and the pricing offered in the competition.

This is also for a period of two years, with options to be prolonged twice by one year.

The deadline for submitting applications for the tender is 10 August by 11:00 local time.