The Crown Estate Launches Tidal Range Market Engagement (UK)

The Crown Estate Launches Tidal Range Market Engagement (UK)

The Crown Estate has today launched an industry engagement process to understand market interest in future tidal range and lagoons projects around the UK.

Interested developers have until 7 February 2014 to participate and The Crown Estate will use the feedback to help shape any possible competitive leasing process later in 2014.

This could lead to the award of seabed rights to successful applicants by the end of 2014.

As the move has been prompted by a growing number of enquiries from developers of potential projects, we wish to establish the readiness of the sector more broadly.

Ian Selby, Head of Minerals and Infrastructure said: “The opportunity that tidal range and lagoons could present for the UK has been long talked about. We now need to see if this is the time for action.

“We are keen to give industry the opportunity to set out their interest and how tidal range and lagoons projects could contribute to, and complement the UK’s growing portfolio of low carbon offshore wind, wave and tidal stream portfolios.”

In line with the strategic objective to support the growth and diversity of the offshore renewable energy sector in the UK, The Crown Estate are seeking views from project developers, other companies in the industry and stakeholders about possible approaches to leasing tidal range projects.

The Crown Estate have published a market engagement document that gives developers the chance to describe their projects, whilst outlining the requirements it would expect applicants to meet, as well as the rights that may be granted.


Press release, December 18, 2013