The First Overseas Order for Fender Innovations

The First Overseas Order for Fender Innovations

American boat and barges manufacturer Armstrong Marine Inc. has placed an order for the development of a fender system for the 15m STORM.

The STORM is a newly developed vessel for high speed patrol & combat, interception & boarding and search & rescue. It combines well proven practice with innovation, and is the culmination of thousands of hours of tactical experience, research, and training.

Fender Innovations was able to deliver a first prototype within an extremely short timeframe, and since then provided Armstrong marine with extended advice and suiting solutions. With their tailor made fender system Fender Innovations managed to adapt the fenders to all specific requirement of this unique combat boat, and to enrich them with some of their own valuable main features, such as high adaptability, light weight and extreme durability.

The fenders have been produced and are now ready for shipment. The fender system is developed in a way that allows future modifications of the fenders, while maintaining the same profile and fender envelope, making the fenders future-proof.

Both Fender Innovations and Amstrong Marine will be represented at Europort 2013 in Rotterdam.


Press Release, November 4, 2013