The first Thames call for CEMEX Go Innovation

Port of London Authority (PLA) has just announced the first Thames call for the marine aggregate dredger CEMEX Go Innovation.


“The vessel called at CEMEX Northfleet and benefited from the £3.5 million new dry discharge system installed under our PLA Investment Plan to secure Thames river traffic and improve building materials throughputs at the site,” PLA said.

PLA photo

Damen and CEMEX have worked jointly on the development of the Marine Aggregate Dredger MAD 3500 from its earliest stages and the design is the result of extensive market research and customer consultation.

As such, the CEMEX Go Innovation represents the start of a new era for an aggregates industry that is faced with an aging fleet of vessels and an increased focus on marine activity.

The MAD concept as a whole has been designed around the need for 21st century vessels that can deliver safety, efficiency, minimal environmental impact and crew comfort.

At the same time, they must achieve maximum uptime in a work environment that places great stresses on a vessel and its equipment.