De Hoop Shipyard Delivers 60 Person SBBA (The Netherlands)

On Friday, at 13:00 pm, De Hoop shipyard has delivered the 60 person Single Block Barge Accommodation (SBBA) to Global Marine Systems. The SBBA was installed by De Hoop on the semi-submersible seagoing barge formerly known as Smit Anambas.

Last week Global Marine has acquired this 130 meter barge and it was renamed ‘Cable Enterprise’. The barge will now be towed to the Tyneside yard in the U.K. where the caroussel and other cable lay equipment shall be installed.

Shipyard De Hoop has a history of almost 1500 built vessels and more than 3000 designs. Although it is strong in the inland passenger vessels and offshore markets, virtually any ship can be completely engineered and built by De Hoop. Examples of this are the transport vessels “Brion” and “Breuil” built for Airbus, the cable layer “Sea Spider” built for Wagenborg and the semi-submersible diving platform “Amethyst”.


Shipbuilding Tribune Staff, January 15, 2012;