The Netherlands: Eeborg to Start Sea Trials Soon

Eeborg to Start Sea Trials Soon

Assisted by the tugs, the Waterstad and Watergeus, the Eeborg (yard number 843) was removed at Royal Niestern Sander on Tuesday, January 10th. Sea trials are scheduled for January 20 and 24.

The Eeborg is, given the size, the largest ship built inside the dike at Niestern Sander. It is also the largest ship in the Northern Netherlands that was launched on the side into the water . The expected delivery is planned January 26th.

General information:

Length over all 144,56 m

Witdh 15,87 m

Depth 11,15 m

DWT 12.000 ton

Cargo capacity 525.000 cbft

Main engine 4500 kW Wärtsilä 9L32C

Speed 15 knots


Shipbuilding Tribune Staff, January 11, 2012; Image: wagenborg