The Netherlands: Launching of New Multi-Functional TSHD ‘Contender’

The Netherlands - Launching of New Multi-Functional TSHD 'Contender'

Recently, a new multi-functional TSHD was launched. The hopper dredger, named “Contender” has been fitted out with Damen dredging gear. Abeko Shipping, the owner of the “Contender” chose for a refit of an existing vessel. Thus the conquest of the dredging market could be done swiftly, as the “Contender” has just commenced its first job.

The vessel started life in 1998 as a coaster. When Abeko Shipping acquired the almost 88 m long vessel, they opted for a major refit. The vessel was widened to 16 m, adding the necessary gangway width for the 700 mm Damen trailing pipe and making space for the 2.670 m3 hopper. The refit also included important upgrade of the bridge.

Launching of New Multi-Functional TSHD 'Contender'

Damen designed and delivered all dredging gear, including the trailing pipe and its hoisting system, the Damen dredge pump, type BP7065LD, the 10 hydraulically-operated bottom doors, the 2 coaming-based jetwater monitors, a 600 mm bow coupling unit and over a dozen of dedicated dredge valves. The trailing pipe reaches a max dredging depth of -25 m. The multi functionality of the vessel is evident as it can either dump the cargo through the bottom doors, or be emptied dry by a land-based excavator, or it can use its dredge pump and bow coupling unit to rainbow or to pump ashore.

After completion of the refit, the “Contender” did a number of successful dredging trails in the Rotterdam area and went straightaway to its fits job : a harbour maintenance job in Wilhelmshafen.


Source: Damen Dredging, May 14, 2012