The Netherlands: MT Bomar Mercury Joins North West European Pool Fleet

The Netherlands - MT Bomar Mercury Joins North West European Pool Fleet

North Sea Tankers BV announced that NST’s North West European pool concept (V6), has as of the 1st of August added M/T Bomar Mercury 7,003 dwt to the pool fleet.

With this addition, the pool consist of seven (7) vessels with an aim to increase the pool fleet further with quality vessels.

The pool members and pool manager have with this additional vessel also agreed to stretch the pool criteria to include vessels having a DW slightly above/below the initially set parameters of 5,500-6,500 dwt.

The pool now consists of the following vessels:

M/T Bomar Pluto (Built 2008; DW 5,543mt), M/T Bomar Ceres (Built 2009; DW 5,517mt), M/T Kardemir (Built 2008; DW 5,717mt), M/T Eras (Built 2009; DW 5,717mt), M/T Bomar Mars (Built 2007; DW 6,167mt), M/T Bomar Venus (Built 2006; DW 6,167mt) and M/T Bomar Mercury (Built 2008; DW 7,003mt)

North Sea Tankers BV is acting as the pool manager and the company also participates as a pool member, in order to commit and ensure that the best possible commercial result for the pool is achieved.

Source: North Sea Tankers, August 14, 2012