The Netherlands: Robert Allan to Design New ART 80-32 RotorTug

Robert Allan to Design New ART 80-32 RotorTug

A design contract has been signed between Elizabeth Ltd and Robert Allan Ltd for the design of a new ART 80-32 Rotor®tug.

This newly designed harbor tug will be chartered by Kotug, the Rotterdam, Hamburg and Bremerhaven based tugboat operator.

The Rotor®tugs are 32 meters long and have a bollard pull of minimum 80 tons over the stern and the bow. It is the intention of Elizabeth Ltd to place a new building order for 4 of these tugs. At this stage it is not revealed where the Rotor®tugs will be deployed.

The new design is a direct result of the co-operation between Robert Allan Ltd and Rotor®tug. Parties can approach Robert Allan Ltd directly for a Rotor®tug design or express their interest through Rotor®tug (KST B.V.). All future new to be designed Rotor®tugs will be from Robert Allan Ltd. With the customized design of Robert Allan and the patent of Rotor®tug, ship owners and / or operators can manage their own new building process.


Source: rotortug, August 20, 2012