Three Ships Detained off Malaysia

The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) has detained two vessels suspected of carrying out illegal ship-to-ship oil transfer activities on October 5 while in Pengerang waters, southeast Johor, Malaysia.

The ships in question are MT Vitology, registered in Equatorial Guinea, which is suspected of attempting to transfer 80,000 liters of marine gas oil to Vietnam-flagged MT An Phu.

MMEA said that seven Indonesian crew members of the MT Vitology and nine crew members of the MT An Phu, all Vietnamese citizens, were arrested. Further examination found that they failed to provide any permit or related documentation to support the oil transfer.

As informed, the case is being investigated and if the crew is found guilty, a fine not exceeding RM 100,000 ( USD 23,742) or a two-year prison sentence would be imposed.

Three Ships Detained off Malaysia1Separately, a Mongolian ship MT Golden Prosperity and four Indonesian crew were arrested some 2.4 nautical miles southeast of Tanjung Ayam.

MMEA said that the vessel docked without permission and that its crew failed to report the arrival of the ship in the Tanjung Ayam waters.

The Mongolian ship is the 12th vessel to have been arrested for failing to obtain anchorage permission.

World Maritime News Staff; Images: MMEA