Tidal Sails wraps up TackReach trials

Tidal Sails, a Norwegian tidal energy developer, has concluded the testing of its scaled prototype TackReach tidal energy device.

The trials were completed on October 22, and the TackReach prototype, dubbed Frøya, has since been removed from Skjoldastraumen, the sound in which it was deployed.

“We are pleased to say testing went according to plan and proved successful. The prototype was run until breakage in order to assess current speed thresholds and durability.

“Previous computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and power generation results were verified and stable operation achieved,” Tidal Sails said.

The scale model supplied electricity to the national grid for the first time on August 27, 2016, via regional grid operator, Haugaland Kraft, thus meeting the requirement of stable grid-connected operation, according to Tidal Sails.

TackReach device is a two station solution which operates with sails going back and forth – one sail leg is reaching with the current, and the other is tacking up against the current.

Tidal Sails also informed that the ground works for upscaling have now been undertaken, and the company is now gearing up for full-scale demonstration at its consented 4MW site in Finnmark, Norway.