Titan completes its first LNG bunkering operations in Hamburg

Low and zero-emission fuels supplier Titan has performed its first ship-to-ship LNG bunker operations in Hamburg, Germany.

Courtesy of Titan

The company said it performed its first-ever ship-to-ship LNG bunkering operation in Hamburg on 31 July to Vox Ariane, Van Oord’s trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD).

The second operation was executed on 14 August when Titan’s ship Optimus bunkered Vox Ariane with a total of 808 cubic metres of LNG.

According to the company, the operations in Hamburg expand the number of locations where LNG bunker operations have been executed.

When it comes to Titan’s activities in Germany, earlier this year, the company also performed its first LNG bunkering operation in the port of Kiel. The operation was completed in collaboration with Carnival Corporation, one of the world’s largest cruise companies.

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At the beginning of 2023, the company bought two ships from Canadian gas transportation company Seapeak for bunkering retrofit.

Conversion of the vessels, Titan Unikum and Titan Vision, has been recently completed and they now have a cargo capacity of 12,000 cubic meters each and are 152 meters long and 19.8 meters wide. Upon retrofitting, the ships are now able to transport and bunker LNG, liquefied biomethane (LBM) and, in the long term, hydrogen-derived e-methane (e-LNG).

The two ships will operate in the Mediterranean and Northwestern Europe, catering to the increased demand for LNG and LBM in these regions.

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