Top News of the Week Dec 30, 2013 – Jan 5, 2014

Top News of the Week Dec 30, 2013 – Jan 5, 2014

Seven UK’s OW Projects Get Draft Investment Contracts

At the beginning of this month, the UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) published a list of 16 renewable energy projects which achieved the Phase 2 minimum threshold evaluation criteria.

International Connection in Baltic Sea

Scandinavia and Central Europe are about to connect their offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea, writes the German Welt.

U.S. Offshore Wind Developers Search for ‘Jones Act’ Solution

As American offshore wind industry readies to start building large projects, developers are searching for a way around the so called “Jones Act” from 1920.

UK Opposing EU Renewable Energy Targets

The UK is opposing the EU’s setting of green energy targets for 2030 according to a report from the European Commission, writes The Guardian.

Hartlepool: The Best Place for Offshore Wind, Says Council Member

Hartlepool Borough Council’s assistant director, Damien Wilson believes that this town is the “best facility on the east coast for offshore wind.”



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