Torm Sofia Fends Off Pirate Approach

The crew of TORM Sofia, a tanker owned by Danish transportation company Torm specializing in carrying refined oil products, has deterred an approach by a group of pirates in the Gulf of Aden, the Arabian Sea on June 28.

The company said that there were no injuries to crew, vessel, environment or cargo.

“The Filipino Master, his crew and the employed armed guards are safe and suffered no injuries as they handled the situation with great skill,” Torm added.

The LR1 product tanker TORM Sofia was in open sea at the time of the incident, enroute from Sikka in India to New York in the USA (positioned: 13º15’4 North, 049º11’3 East).

As explained by the company, “all actions performed were as per the procedures and the Rules for the use of force and subsequently the pirates abandoned their approach.”

The emergency response team ashore was immediately gathered upon notification of the pirate approach.

The charterer of TORM Sofia and all relevant authorities, both domestic and international, have also been notified of the incident.

“I am pleased that our capable crew acted according to our procedures and that everybody on board TORM Sofia is safe and unharmed,” says Tina Revsbech, Senior Vice President, Technical Division.

Torm said it appreciates the naval presence in the High Risk Areas and that it still believes the international society must keep its focus on the continued piracy threat in the area.