Turkey: ‘Siem Moxie’ Launched at Ada Shipyard (VIDEO)

'Siem Moxie' Launched at Ada Shipyard (Turkey)

The “Siem Moxie”, an infield support vessel (ISV) developed by the Norwegian vessel designer Ulstein Design AS, was launched on Sunday at Ada Shipyard Tuzla – Istanbul, Turkey.

The vessel, with a length of 74 meters and a beam of 17 meters, will be the first X-BOW vessel equipped with Voith Schneider Propellers (VSP). The two electronically controlled VSPs, of the size 28R5 ECS/234-2, have a propulsion power of 1,850 kW each and will be arranged in the stern. The two Voith Schneider Propellers will also be used for active roll stabilization as well as for dynamic positioning (DP class 2).

For the “Siem Moxie”, model tests were carried out at the Hamburg Ship Model Basin. The vessel is designed for a speed of 14.5 knots. The favorable interactions between the VSP and the X-BOW design result in lower vibrations, a reduction in fuel consumption and therefore in reduced emissions. For the operating company Siem Offshore AS, the “Siem Moxie” will not only allow faster transfers of up to 60 crew to the wind farms, but will also ensure more efficient operation under DP conditions.

In addition to wind farm tasks, the Norwegian owner intends to use the “Siem Moxie” for cable laying operations in the North Sea and in the Atlantic.

Ada Shipyard, September 16, 2013