Photo: Source: GAZ-SYSTEM / Courtesy of Saipem

Two offshore sections of Baltic Pipe connected at sea

Saipem’s vessel Castoro Sei has connected the two offshore sections of Baltic Pipe at sea, according to the project’s update.

The offshore sections, one leading from Denmark and the other pulled through the microtunnel to the landfall in Poland, have been connected at sea on Monday, 27 September.

To remind, the pipelaying activities began on 27 June and the offshore pipeline of the Baltic Pipe project reached landfall in Poland earlier this month.

Last week, Poland’s Energy Regulatory Office (ERO) and the Danish Utility Regulator (DUR) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on joint activities for the project.

The parties agreed to exchange information on all circumstances and activities that may affect the proper implementation of European Union law with regard to the infrastructure of the Baltic Pipe project, among other things.

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Baltic Pipe, the strategic project between Poland’s GAZ-SYSTEM and the Danish Energinet, will create a new corridor supplying gas from Norway to the markets in Poland, Denmark, and neighboring countries.

The pipeline will be able to transmit 10 billion m3 of natural gas per year to Poland and 3 billion m3 from Poland to Denmark. The project is set to start operating on 1 October 2022.