UK: ABPmer Applauds Triton Knoll’s Planning Consent

UK: ABPmer Applauds Triton Knoll's Planning Consent

ABP Marine Environmental Research ltd. (ABPmer) welcomes the announcement that planning consent has been granted by the Secretary of State, Edward Davey, for the construction of the offshore wind farm at Triton Knoll, off the Lincolnshire and Norfolk coast.

Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm Limited has been granted permission to construct a 1,200MW wind farm with 288 turbines – the world’s largest offshore wind farm.

ABPmer undertook the physical processes assessment and prepared the subsequent physical processes chapter of the Environmental Statement (ES) that supported Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm Limited application.

Stephen Hull, ABPmer’s Technical Director said: “We are delighted that Triton Knoll has been granted the consent. It’s always good news when a project we have contributed to receives permission to proceed. Completion of a thorough environmental assessment to support the consent application has played an important part in government reaching the decision to grant consent.”

ABPmer has more than 13 years offshore wind related research and consultancy experience. The company has undertaken physical process studies, metocean analysis and strategic research for the offshore wind sector since 1999, delivering over 180 technical reports to more than 30 separate offshore wind projects around the United Kingdom.


Press release, July 12, 2013; Image: RWE