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UK awards €38.6 million to develop green technologies for ports and ships

The UK Government has allocated £33 million (€38.6 million) for new technologies to 33 projects across all twelve regions of the UK to deliver demonstrations, factory trials, and feasibility studies.

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The funding awarded through the Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition (CMDC) totals now £128 million, to support the maritime industry to deliver net zero emissions.

Among the winners are initiatives dedicated to constructing electric vessels and charging ports, propelling a new era of sustainable maritime innovation.

The funding comes from the fourth round of the government’s Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition (CMDC4), which focuses on developing a range of clean maritime technologies including electric, hydrogen, ammonia, methanol, wind power and more.

Two of the winning organizations are Aqua SuperPower and RS Marine Group, in Southampton which are working on electric charge points and electric vessels in action. The two companies will work together to build on their existing electric infrastructure to provide electricity back to ports, harbours and the grid, when the vessels are not in use.

“Unlocking a sustainable maritime sector and the economic growth it provides relies on cutting-edge technology to propel it to the next level. The voyage to sustainability demands bold investments to not just deliver greener shipping but highly skilled jobs across the UK,” Maritime Minister Lord Davies said.

Other winners include WSW Marine Ltd which aims to build the first leisure vessel to run almost entirely on bio-methanol. The vessel will be an aluminium catamaran demonstrator, designed to lead the leisure and light-commercial maritime sectors to lower carbon offshore vessel.

Cammell Laird Shiprepairers & Shipbuilders has won 3,5 million to deliver a clean shore power solution for vessels in refit and repair at Cammell Laird shipyard, eliminating the need for diesel-powered generators and auxiliary generators.

The full list of the winners can be seen here.

CMDC4 builds on three previous rounds, which allocated over £95m to 105 projects and leveraged over £45m private investment.

The CMDC said that the continued demand for funding underscores the industry’s strong interest in clean maritime investment, fostering simulatenously a partnership between the Government and the private sector.

“British Marine is proud to celebrate the achievements of our members who are leading the way in sustainable maritime innovation and are among the beneficiaries of the government’s £33 million investment in green maritime technology,” Lesley Robinson, CEO of British Marine said.

“This significant funding is just one way in which the Government can help accelerate our industry’s journey to net-zero emissions and marks a new era in maritime history. Many of our members are pioneering electric vessels and charging ports, in-turn, contributing to environmental sustainability, job creation, and the UK’s levelling up agenda. We’re excited to witness this pivotal shift towards a cleaner, more prosperous maritime future.”

The latest round of funding comes from the wider £206 million UK Shipping Office for Reducing Emissions (UK SHORE) program, announced in March 2022.

Last year, the UK government launched the Zero Emission Vessels and Infrastructure competition to support projects in the latter stages of development, and the Clean Maritime Research Hub – aimed at the early science and research behind green technology.