UK: CMAL Appoints Aspect Surveys for Port Hydrographic Survey

Mariners are advised that CMAL have appointed Aspect Land & Hydrographic Surveys Ltd as contractor to conduct hydrographic and topographic surveys of all of its port areas.

A detailed bathymetric survey of the seabed at the existing piers, approach channels and adjacent shorelines at all operational CMAL ferry terminals and slipways will be undertaken utilising a purpose built survey vessel, Marine Sensor, a road transportable white hulled Cheetah catamaran with enclosed cabin. It will be crewed by two persons and will maintain a watch on VHF Channel 16 at all times.

Surveys will cause no disruption to ferry services.

It should be noted that due to weather constraints indicative schedules of work are not definitive and require a degree of flexibility. Therefore vessels navigating in the vicinity of any of the terminals and slipways should do that with care and maintain a lookout for the abovementioned survey vessel, regulating their speed to minimise the effects of wash accordingly.

Subsea World News Staff , April 10, 2012;  Image: Aspect Surveys