UK: CodaOctopus at Oceanology International

CodaOctopus’ team aims to make a real splash at this year’s Oceanology International.

The CodaOctopus will unveil a whole host of new products, services and branding in London’s Excel, where the event takes place.

New Products

Oceanology will unwrap several new products across its portfolio.

The company has been busy building on the success and huge uptake of the Echoscope® since Oi2010, so this year’s edition will be the launch-point for a new product derivative.

The team has also been busy on the geophysical range of products and Oceanology will raise the curtain on another generation of its acquisition and post processing suit of software and hardware.

Not to be outdone, the company’s motion reference series will also see further additions alongside some really neat post-survey position, heading and motion correction software.

New Offer

To coincide with Oi and the launch of these new leading-edge products, CodaOctopus will be offering an early adopter discount both during the show and for a limited period post-Oi.

New Service

Oi2012 will be the showcase point for a fantastic new service for CodaOctopus’ real-time 3D sonar, Echoscope®. The aim of the company is to provide a greater and easier means of accessing the revolutionary sonar technology plus a team of trained offshore operators.

New Company Image

CodaOctopus will also launch new Company branding with bold new logos and literature.

New US Demo Date

For the US-based clients the team will be holding an on-water demo of the Echoscope and motion reference systems in Tampa in mid-April.

Visitors will be able to meet the All-New CodaOctopus on stand G200 during Oi 2012.

Subsea World News Staff , March 07, 2012;  Image: CodaOctopus