UK Energy Secretary: Forties Alpha Platform an Example of British Excellence

Energy Secretary Praises OGN's Forties Alpha Job

Edward Davey, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change earlier this week sent a letter to OGN Group complimenting the company for successfully completing the construction of the Forties Alpha Satellite Platform.

Davey said in the letter:

“I would like to congratulate you on the successful execution of the Forties Alpha platform, which recently sailed away from the OGN yard in Tyneside and I understand was installed some three days ahead of expectation.

This is indeed something to celebrate: the first platform of this size to be built completely in the UK for many years and a clear demonstration of the capability and skills of the UK fabrication sector in completing this project on time and to a high standard. You can be assured I will be highlighting the successful completion of this structure as an example of British excellence. It delivers value in terms of timely new hydrocarbon production and in the UK jobs created during construction which are both important to the UK economy.

The Forties field is iconic in the UK as one of the first and largest fields in the UKCS, so it is indicative of the sustained development and future of the North Sea to see this new platform being built to continue its life. It was also good to see the commitment of Apache to building this structure in the UK and creating a significant amount of jobs in direct construction and in the related supply chain.

It is important to recognise the contribution this project and others like it in the future can make to the UK economy. My officials are working hard to press operators with developments coming forward to look at examples like Forties alpha and ensure UK fabricators are included in the bidding process.”


First oil from the new Forties Alpha Satellite Platform (FASP) is expected to come on stream in the autumn of this year and has the capacity to produce up to 25,000 barrels of oil per day (bpd). Decommissioning of the Forties Field had been due to commence in 2013 but the life of the field has been extended by another 20 years.

The contract for the design and construction of the platform was awarded to OGN in 2010 and the project, from concept to completion, has required over 3 million man hours of work, providing 2,000 jobs at OGN’s Hadrian Yard at Wallsend and a further estimated 5,000 jobs throughout the British supply chain. The completion of FASP also marks the 10th anniversary of Apache’s acquisition of the iconic Forties Field from BP. It was the first of the UK’s large oil fields, discovered in 1970 and officially inaugurated by The Queen in 1975.


First UK Built Platform in Years Almost Ready for Forties Field


Offshore Energy Today Staff, June 28, 2013