UK: Lyman-Morse to Construct Groundbreaking SpeedDream 27 Prototype

Lyman-Morse has been selected to construct the groundbreaking SpeedDream 27 prototype. The SpeedDream project is a quest to design to the fastest monohull on the planet. The expectation is that the SpeedDream will rival and possibly even exceed speeds achieved by comparably sized multihulls.

Some of the features that make the SpeedDream unique include a slender, wave-piercing hull, ultimate canting keel and stabilizing hydrofoil that creates additional righting momentum and offsets displacement. We are excited to take part in such a cutting-edge project and look forward to seeing where these technological innovations will lead!

Lyman Morse‘s broad-ranging capabilities are showcased not only by the skilled people who work here, but also by our modern and expansive facilities. The combination of our state-of-the-art facility with some of the world’s finest craftsmen has allowed us to develop many areas of expertise, both in the marine and non-marine world. We work with architects, interior designers, business and home owners, and boat owners to meet even the most unique need.


Source: lymanmorse, October 7, 2011

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