UK: Southampton Port Dredging Approved

Southampton Port Dredging Approved

The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) has consented the application to dredge the Marchwood moorings at Southampton Port, but this does not preempt any future decision on the larger application made by ABP.

The MMO has permitted the removal of 450,000 cubic metres of material at the Marchwood moorings in order to facilitate the passing of a large container vessel when a large cruise liner is alongside at the Mayflower Cruise Terminal.

These works were previously included within a much larger application to improve navigation access to, and safety within, the Port, known as the Southampton Approach Channel Dredge (SACD). The MMO indicated to ABP that it was unlikely the application for the SACD would be determined before the end of 2012 and advised ABP to submit a separate application for the Main Channel Widening (Marchwood) works to ensure the port was able to continue works wherever possible.

The proposed channel widening consists of dredging a length of approximately 900m at the edge of the existing navigation channel in Southampton Water off berth 106 and the Marchwood wharves. The channel base is proposed to be widened by approximately 30m.


Press Release, December 10, 2012; Image: abports