UK: Tritech Offers Complete SeaKing Hammerhead Package

The SeaKing Hammerhead high resolution, 360° mechanical scanning imaging sonar is the solution for a variety of detailed survey tasks.

Now available as a package complete with top box, tripod, cable on reel and transit cases, the SeaKing Hammerhead can be deployed on the tripod for many survey tasks, such as bridge or pier inspections, as well as underwater engineering projects.

The SeaKing Hammerhead utilises a wide transducer aperture, very fine mechanical step size and proven Digital Sonar Technology (DST) to create even higher resolution imagery than other mechanically scanning sonars, such as the Super SeaKing sonar.

To promote higher visibility of small targets, the SeaKing Hammerhead offers a market-leading CHIRP (Compressed High Intensity Radar Pulse) dual-frequency option as standard. The 675 kHz frequency is used for large area surveys up to 100m radius and the 935 kHz frequency performs high-definition target examination up to 40m radius.

The Hammerhead unit can also be networked with compatible Tritech products such as the MicronNav UBSL Tracking System which runs from Tritech’s standalone software, Seanet Pro. The package also offers the user post-processing capabilities with an optional Image Tiler Programme to produce an accurate map of the surveyed area.

Commenting on the development, Tritech’s Business Development Manager, Mike Broadbent said:

“The Hammerhead sonar package offers a complete survey solution for the survey market and also Law Enforcement and Search and Rescue (SAR) operations, for applications such as area survey, object location and diver monitoring or training. By bringing this package to the market we are providing a complete solution for area surveys.”

Subsea World News Staff , March 08, 2012;  Image: Tritech