Ukraine: Kherson Shipyard Launches First Tanker of Project RST 26

Kherson Shipyard Launches First Tanker of Project RST 26

PJSC Kherson Shipyard has launched the first tanker vessel of project RST 26 GLOSTER 1. The vessel is designed for mixed (river-to sea) and sea transportation of crude oil and oil products by bulk, including petrol, without limitation of combustion temperature, wine products, edible oils and treacle.

The design provides for simultaneous transportation of 2 grades of cargoes of the same type. The vessel fully conforms to the International Tanker Cargo Transportation Requirements, including a double cut-off floodability.

The launch of the complete first vessel of the project is the successive verification of our possibilities to execute the most complex tasks with steady high quality. This year we shall bring the construction of several new vessels to an end and we shall claim the leader status for the company in the segment of commercial shipbuilding of Ukraine”, – underlined Vasily. V. Fedin, Director General of KSY.

RST 26 Project was elaborated by Marine Engineering Office. The vessel’s overall length is 118.87 m., width – 13.0 m, depth – 5.8 m. The sea deadweight is about 4595 ton at draft 4.784 m,; the river deadweight is about 2820 ton at draft 3.60 m. The vessel meets the dimensions of the Volga-Don navigating Canal, Volga-Baltic Rout, White-Sea-Baltic Canal


Press Release, February 28, 2013