UKRN Guide to Facilitate GBP 100 Bln Investment

UKRN has launched a guide to support current and future investment in the UK’s regulated infrastructure sectors. The guide was prepared by KPMG and is principally aimed at investors new to one or more of the sectors, but will also be useful for existing investors.

The guide aids investors by clearly explaining the regulatory frameworks in five key sectors – aviation, energy, telecoms, rail and water – which supported over £500bn of investment and are expected to secure £100bn in the next five years alone.

According to the guide, part of the investment needed in the next five years includes over £35bn for onshore electricity and gas networks as well as £10bn for European interconnection and connecting offshore renewable energy.

Richard Price, UKRN Chair said: “The UK needs to attract investment from around the world to ensure consumers benefit from modern and reliable services. By putting together a guide for investors, the economic regulators are making it easier to attract this investment to the UK.”

Press release; Image: prysmian