UN Takes Four North Korean Ships from Its Blacklist

The UN Security Council has decided to remove four ships from its blacklist of North Korean vessels following a request from China.

The Council said on Monday that the vessels in question are not economic resources controlled or operated by North Korean shipping company Ocean Maritime Management and “therefore not subject to the asset freeze”.

The ships in question are JH 86 (IMO no. 8602531); JIN Tal (IMO no. 9163154); JIN TENG (IMO no. 9163166) and GRAND KARO (IMO no. 8511823).

“The Committee notes that new measures have been taken to establish confidence that these vessels are not operated or controlled by Ocean Maritime Management. In light of these measures, the Committee has therefore decided to remove these vessels from the list of those operated or controlled by Ocean Maritime Management,” the UN said in a release.

China asked for the removal of the four vessels from the list on March 16th, Reuters reports, claiming that they are not involved in the arms trade activities of OMM.

The four ships were part of UN Security Council’s blacklist of 31 ships covered by severer sanctions against North Korea imposed following the country’s ongoing nuclear and ballistic missile-related activities that “threaten international peace and security,” the UN Security Council said.

In addition, the UN Security Council unanimously adopted the harsher sanctions against the country on March 2, stating that all cargo going to and from the DPRK by sea or air will be inspected and any vessel suspected of carrying forbidden items will be denied entry into port.

World Maritime News Staff