Unique Group buys iXblue Gaps M7 USBL

Provider of integrated subsea and offshore solutions Unique Group has purchased an iXblue Gaps M7 Ultra Short Base Line (USBL) acoustic positioning and communication system.

This new addition will be placed in Unique Group’s rental pool of equipment and made available to clients across the Americas.

Source: iXblue

According to Ajay Kottaye, survey business manager – Americas at Unique Group, USBL positioning systems have been highly sought after by clients due to the increase in geophysical projects in the U.S.

“Such projects push the vertical-horizontal tracking range and accuracies to extremities, with an understanding of these requirements Unique Group has invested in the iXblue Gaps M7 USBL and added it to our rental pool so that clients can choose the best solution for their projects,” Kottaye stated.

Gaps M7 can be used for various applications such as ROV, AUV, gliders, tow fish tracking and dynamic positioning, among others. It can be deployed from small vessels of opportunity with a reduced crew onboard or on instrumented buoys.

The system uses a portable and truly pre-calibrated USBL head coupled with an internal Inertial Navigation System (INS) and GNSS, which makes it ready to use right away, allowing operational time savings and efficiency on the field, iXblue said.

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