UniSite Group Releases Q3 Update

Image source: UniSite

UniSite Group, a Ningbo based company involved in dredging, land reclamation, offshore projects, marine, mechanical engineering and green remediation projects, took part in some very significant projects all over the world in the third quarter of 2019.

Q3 Highlights:

  • UniSite successfully supplied numbers of ship building parts for maintenance for world famous hopper and cutter suction dredgers: overflow, bottom doors, spud, suction pipe, jet line, loading box, adjusting/straight pipes, pump spare parts, sliding piece, arm piece with elbow, turning gland, valve body, cardan ring, DW pipe etc.;
  • UniSite continuously took active part in the several new shipbuilding projects in Keppel/Cosco Shipyards: DW pipes, rolled pipes, casting pipes, gantry, suction system, arm piece with elbow, sliding piece, whole overflows, other structures;
  • They supplied a bulk of dredging sinker pipes and shore pipes with flanges, bends, y pieces for the Townsville, Australia, big reclamation project;
  • Reclamation/Maintenance work in Europe, South America: a significant quantity of reclamation pipes with flanges and sinker pipes, bends, pontoons, rubber hose, etc.;
  • Casting piece for pump & dredger: bend, y pipe, turning gland, arm piece with casting elbow, sliding piece, pump cover, wearing plate, liner, wearing bush, water chamber, etc.;
  • Bridge/Piling work in Australia, Canada, south America: piling pipe, sheet pile, etc.;
  • Power projects in USA/Africa: steel structures, etc.

The company also said that they will attend the Europort event, set for November 5-8, in Rotterdam Ahoy, the Netherlands.

Image source: UniSite