Update: Eemslift Hendrika taken under tow

A tow line has been attached to the Dutch-flagged cargo ship Eemslift Hendrika, which has been drifting off Norway since Monday.

The ship has been secured and is now being towed by two tug boats to harbour in Ålesund, the Norwegian Coastal Administration said in an update.

Photo: KV Bergen; Norwegian Coastal Administration

The tow line was set up by a salvage crew from the Dutch firm Smit Salvage. The personnel was taken on board by a rescue helicopter, and they managed to connect the vessel to the tugboats, both at the bow and at the stern of the vessel.

According to Hans-Petter Mortensholm, a pollution expert from the administration, the salvage teams were ready for the worst-case scenario, namely potential grounding of the vessel, as weather conditions continued to worsen.

“The risk of grounding has been avoided, and the ship will be towed to Ålesund via Breisundet. The Norwegian Coastal Administration maintains emergency preparedness until the ship is safely ashore,” the NCA said.

The cargo vessel’s crew sent a distress signal to Norwegian authorities on Monday morning, April 5.

The ship was transporting several boats and yachts on board. The ship was underway from Bremerhaven, Germany to Kolvereid, Norway, when it got in trouble, according to the data from MarineTraffic.

The crew of the vessel had to be evacuated after the ship started listing on its side following cargo shifting in rough seas.

The Dutch-flagged ship, built in 2015, is managed by Amasus Support BV.

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