US businesses unite for Paris Agreement

Illustration (Photo: Pixabay)
Illustration (Photo: Pixabay)

Over 300 businesses in the United States have in an open letter urged the US government, and the president-elect Donald Trump, to keep the USA in the Paris Agreement and support the continuation of low-carbon policies in the country.

The businesses that have signed an open letter, including Nike, eBay, Virgin, Starbucks Coffee, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, among others, have reaffirmed their commitment to address climate change through the implementation of the historic Paris Climate Agreement, warning that failure to build low-carbon economy puts American prosperity at risk.

The letter follows the recently held elections in the USA, where Donald Trump was elected president, who, according to The Huffington Post, called climate change a ‘hoax’ and vowed to pull the US out of the Paris Agreement.

The members of the business and investor community of the US, have called the elected US leaders to strongly support the continuation of low-carbon policies, and investment in the low carbon economy at home and abroad in order to give financial decision-makers clarity and boost the confidence of investors worldwide.

Also, the businesses demand continued US participation in the Paris Agreement, in order to provide the long-term direction needed to keep global temperature rise below 2°C.

“Implementing the Paris Agreement will enable and encourage businesses and investors to turn the billions of dollars in existing low-carbon investments into the trillions of dollars the world needs to bring clean energy and prosperity to all,” it is stated in the letter addressed to US president-elect Trump, president Obama, members of the US Congress, and global leaders at COP22 in Morocco.

Lara Birkes, Chief Sustainability Officer at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, said: “The Paris Agreement was a vital step forward, but its power is in our collective action. Business and government leaders must urgently work together to drive a thriving, low-carbon economy.”

“Now more than ever, Levi Strauss & Co. believes it is important to reaffirm our commitment to address climate change by supporting the Paris Climate Agreement,” said Michael Kobori, Vice President for Sustainability at Levi Strauss & Co. “Building an energy-efficient economy in the US, powered by low-carbon energy will ensure our nation’s competitiveness and position US companies as leaders in the global market – all while doing the right thing for our planet.”