US Native Tribe benefits from suitable tides

The Alaskan Native Tribe is to benefit from the US Department of Energy’s latest $9 million funding award announcement by harnessing the energy of the tides to lower their current high cost of energy.

The Alaskan False Pass Tribal Council has been granted $1 million in funding for the deployment of a 50 kW tidal power system at the Isanotski Strait in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska.

The deployment is expected to lower the high cost of energy for the tribal community by using local tidal energy resource, according to the US DoE.

DoE’s funding is expected to be leveraged by nearly $16 million in cost sharing under the selected energy projects for 24 tribes, meaning the projects represent a potential total investment value exceeding $25 million.

The proposed cost share for the False Pass Tribal Council’s tidal project is $1,745,961.

Christopher Deschene, Director of DoE’s Office of Indian Energy Policy and Programs, said: “By providing tribal communities and Alaska Native villages with knowledge, skills, and resources, we hope to help tribal communities harness their local indigenous renewable energy resources, reduce their energy costs, create jobs, and help implement successful strategic energy solutions.”

DoE stated, however, that the costs are subject to negotiations and DoE review, and approval of cost share reduction requests.

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