Illustration (Courtesy of US OESI)

US OESI launches funding opportunity for marine energy

The US Ocean Energy Safety Institute (OESI) has launched a request for proposals, targeting small-scale marine energy solutions for offshore wind and oil & gas operations, and utility-scale devices that enhance marine energy operations.

Illustration (Courtesy of US OESI)
Illustration (Courtesy of US OESI)
Illustration (Courtesy of US OESI)

The request for proposals will address two targets identified in Marine Energy Roadmap, published by OESI, which is a consortium of industry, national labs, non-governmental organizations and academia created to develop the technology and workforce needed for increased energy production that is safer, more sustainable and more cost-effective.

The two target areas include small-scale marine energy solutions that enhance sustainability of offshore wind and oil & gas operations. Continuous monitoring of critical equipment and operational parameters for offshore wind energy and offshore oil and gas monitoring operations are critical to ensure the safety and efficiency optimization of these energy systems.

According to OESI, marine energy has the unique potential to power offshore monitoring systems, as it could provide an energy source for various sensors, alarms, data collection devices, and communication devices.

The second area of interest for proposals is utility-scale marine energy solutions that enhance marine energy operations, using the experience from wind energy and oil and gas sectors.

Leveraging established offshore wind energy and oil and gas operations can provide the opportunity to apply existing knowledge, experience, and skill to marine energy technology, and enhance the development of utility-scale marine energy generation systems.

Depending on the number and quality of applications submitted, OESI anticipates awarding up to $1.2 million under this request for proposal, with minimum award amount set for $50,000 and maximum at $500,000.

OESI anticipates making approximately three to ten awards under this call, depending on the number and quality of proposals submitted.

Proposal applicants may submit any quantity of proposals, but each proposal is required to address one specific target area. However, proposals can address multiple pathways within the selected target.

The lead applicant organization must be a US-based organization or be a US subsidiary, and also a current OESI member by the application submission deadline which is free, provided the organization is agreeable to the OESI consortium’s terms.

The deadline for submitting questions regarding applications has been set for May 8, 2023, while the application submission deadline is on June 19, 2023.

According to OESI, the anticipated award notifications will take place in September 2023.

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