USA: ABS Nautical Systems Announces Partnership with Euronav Ship Management

ABS Nautical Systems announces its successful partnership with Euronav Ship Management (Hellas) Ltd., one of the world’s leading tanker companies. Euronav selected ABS Nautical Systems as its asset management provider in 2009 and was the first adopter of the Hull Inspection module.

The Hull Inspection module is a browser-based tool that helps track the structural condition of a vessel throughout its service life. Euronav currently uses the Hull Inspection module on 11 of its ABS-classed tankers. However, given its successful use of the program to date, the company plans to continue expanding use of the program to additional vessels.

“Prior to implementing Hull Inspection, we used hard copy forms that made it difficult to organize, assess and identify conditions. Now, we are able to see the actual drawings of the vessel with improved visibility of hot spots and critical areas such as in a cargo tank,” said Theodore Mavraidis, Fleet Technical Manager, Euronav. “Hull Inspection also enables us to systematically examine and grade the hull structure of each vessel – providing fleet-wide statistics and trends. ABS Nautical Systems’ Hull Inspection module is a breakthrough in the area of hull condition monitoring.”

“With Euronav being the first adopter of Hull Inspection and utilizing it to its fullest potential, we were able to garner insights from them to make further enhancements to the functionality of this module,” said Fernando Lehrer, Vice President, Product Development for ABS Nautical Systems. “We appreciate the trust Euronav put into our product and that they strategically mapped out how best to achieve maximum results and overall value.”

With ABS Nautical Systems’ priority to provide a flexible product, Euronav has been able to successfully customize the system to serve its goals. Euronav values being in a position to directly support its own vessels and as such, they greatly relied on training sessions provided by ABS Nautical Systems to simulate actual processes, giving the crew hands-on experience of exactly how the program works.

“Each of our offices can create an inspection report – to attach photos, make corrections, upload reports – thereby gaining a real experience of how the program works,” added Mavraidis. “I would absolutely recommend this software (ABS Nautical Systems’ Hull Inspection) and the services.”

The Hull Inspection program enables users to monitor a vessel’s condition by including a hull inspection manual outlining areas for Euronav to examine; tools for scheduling, recording and reporting inspections; and identification of critical areas for ongoing monitoring. Inspection criteria are also established that provide a visually arresting traffic light status assigned to different zones of the vessel with a rating system using red, yellow and green indicator lights.

“We are excited that Euronav chose ABS Nautical Systems’ Hull Inspection module and is pleased with its offerings and flexibility,” said Karen Hughey, President and COO of ABS Nautical Systems. “At a company like Euronav, where safety and risk aversion are so greatly valued, we are confident that the Hull Inspection module will continue to aid in this high standard of vessel maintenance.”

About Euronav

Euronav is one of the world’s leading independent tanker companies engaged in the ocean transportation and storage of crude oil and petroleum products. The company’s modern fleet consists of interests in two FSOs, 23 very large crude carriers (VLCCs) and ultra-large crude carriers (ULCC), of which nine vessels are chartered in from third parties either directly or jointly with partners. 20 VLCCs and 1 ULCC are managed in the Tankers International pool of which Euronav is one of the major partners. Euronav owns and also operates 19 suezmaxes. Euronav also has a further five suezmaxes (three of which in JV) and one VLCC on order.

About ABS Nautical Systems

ABS Nautical Systems, a division of ABS, is one of the leading providers of asset management software in the world. Its offerings are setting the standard for software solutions that promote cost and operation efficiency for the maritime industry. Through these innovative and customer-driven investments in research and development, ABS Nautical Systems is able to supply its clients with practical software solutions that can have a measurable impact on a ship or offshore user’s operations and business. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, ABS Nautical Systems has offices around the world to serve its extended customer base.


Source: ABS, August 5, 2011; Image: Euronav