USA: Chart Launches LNG Truck Fuel System

Chart Releases Fully Integrated LNG Truck Fuel System

Chart Industries, Inc. announced the release of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) truck fuel system.  

For the 2013 model year, Chart’s LNG truck fuel system has been integrated into a “self-contained unit for simplified and expedited installation, as required by high-volume assembly lines,” the company said in a statement.

Additionally, the maximum single tank capacity has been increased to “greater than 100 diesel gallon equivalent “DGE” enabling extended driving range without the cost of an additional tank“.

“Combining various on-board fuel system components into one integrated LNG truck tank package will facilitate more efficient installation,” stated Tom Carey, President of Chart’s Distribution & Storage Group. “Providing 100 DGE of storage in a single fuel tank will make LNG an even more attractive cost, space, weight and driving range alternative in heavy duty truck and bus applications.”

Image: Chart