USA: Chevron Selects MyCelx for Jack/St. Malo Water Treatment System Delivery


MyCelx, experts in produced water treatment both onshore and offshore for discharge to very low discharge limit, the ISO-9001 company certified for oil removal to less than 5 ppm by Lloyd’s Register, signed a contract with Chevron U.S.A. Inc. to design and deliver a produced water treatment system for the Jack/St. Malo floating production facility in deepwater Gulf of Mexico that will remove oil and water soluble organics (WSO) to below 10 parts per million (ppm).

The design requirements for the Jack/St. Malo floating production facility calls for an overboard discharge limit that Is lower than the current EPA limit of 29 ppm, and MyCelx is one of the few companies providing the technology that can guarantee low levels of oil and grease discharge levels in a consistent manner through an economically viable process. The WSOs contained in offshore produced water have proved difficult for conventional technologies to reliably meet the overboard discharge specifications set by the EPA.

“MyCelx system guarantees oil-free water and no sheen discharge into the environment,” said Andy Narayanan, Manager of Operations and Technical Services at MyCelx.The Jack/St Malo will be implementing MyCelx produced water treatment system specifically designed to handle the difficult WSO’s from deep water drilling operations. We are currently in the process of design discussion with Chevron and Mustang. Current schedule is to deliver the system to Mustang Engineering by May 2011.”

The Jack and St. Malo fields are being developed in the Lower Tertiary trend in deepwater Gulf of Mexico. The fields are estimated to contain total recoverable resources equivalent to more than 500 million barrels of oil. MyCelx produced water treatment system will treat up to 70,000 barrels per day.

About MyCelx

MyCelx is the only environmentally sound, patented technology certified for oil removal performance by Lloyd’s Register, UK. Our complete set of turnkey solutions tackle the toughest oil removal challenges in Oil/Gas and Petrochemical, Marine, Manufacturing, Power and Facilities. Fifteen patents, Fortune 100 clients, and hundreds of installations worldwide attest to the fact that MyCelx is a top performer in turnkey hydrocarbon removal.


Source: MyCelx, April 21,2011; Image: