USA: Deepwater’s RetroClamp Sales Figures Reach 2500 Clamps Since the Year 2000

RetroClamp can be installed by diver or ROV, making it useful for anode retrofits in shallow or deep water.

The RetroClamp was originally designed to facilitate ROV attachment of retrofitted cathodic protection anode sleds to offshore pipelines. The first clamps were built and deployed in 2000 and since that time we have tracked an estimated 2500 installed clamps (as of June 2010). Now modified for various applications, such as subsea cable runs and for attaching various monitoring instruments to pipelines and other assets, the RetroClamp is still primarily for attaching anode material to aging infrastructure assets in need of life extension.

With over 2500 in use today in the field, Deepwater has still not had a reported RetroClamp failure.

Deepwater designs and manufactures cathodic protection systems for offshore and marine assets, specializing in the development of innovative retrofit technology for aging assets in need of life extension.

Founded in 1986, Deepwater is a full-service offshore corrosion control company, supplying the oil and gas industry with expertise in cathodic protection and asset integrity management. Using our own proprietary product designs, Deepwater has always focused on innovative methods and new products to improve lagging industry standards. The result is a much more reliable and cost-effective approach to corrosion prevention offshore. From zinc and aluminum sacrificial anodes to full-engineered impressed current cathodic protection systems, Deepwater provides design, manufacturing, consulting, delivery, and installation supervision to all of the world’s main market areas.


Source: Stoprust, July 12, 2010: