USA: Kirby Completes Purchase of Penn Maritime

USA - Kirby Completes Purchase of Penn Maritime

Kirby Corporation announced on Friday the completion of the acquisition of Penn Maritime Inc. and Maritime Investments LLC, an operator of tank barges and tugboats participating in the coastal transportation of primarily black oil products in the United States.

The total value of the transaction was approximately $299 million (before post-closing adjustments and transaction fees), consisting of $146 million of cash, $29 million through the issuance of 500,000 shares of Kirby common stock valued at $58.16 per share, and $124 million for the retirement of Penn’s debt. The cash portion of the consideration and retirement of Penn’s debt were financed from the proceeds of a new issue of unsecured senior notes.

The new unsecured senior notes, closed on December 13, 2012, provide for $500 million in fixed rate debt with $150 million at a 7-year maturity at 2.79% and $350 million at a 10-year maturity at 3.34%. On December 14, 2012, $275 million of the unsecured senior notes were drawn to close the Penn acquisition, with the balance to be drawn in February 2013 primarily to replace $200 million of senior notes due February 28, 2013.

Penn’s fleet, comprised of 18 double-hulled tank barges with a capacity of 1.9 million barrels and 16 tugboats, operates along the East Coast and Gulf Coast of the United States. Penn’s tank barge fleet has an average age of approximately 13 years with a product mix that consists primarily of refinery feedstocks, asphalt and crude oil. Penn’s customers include major oil companies and refiners, nearly all of whom are current Kirby customers for inland tank barge services.


Kirby Corporation, December 18, 2012; Image: Penn Maritime