USA: Welltec Announces Participation at ATCE

Mirroring the strong technical content which ATCE always provides at the conference, Welltec will be displaying and explaining a number of new technologies. You could  meet them and let them explain how they’re doing things different.

New Technologies

In addition to showcasing the latest innovative tools for conveyance and intervention work, they will also be displaying the Welltec Annular Barrier (WAB) at their stand. Here you can experience a real-life model of this innovative equipment which is designed to block fluid migration behind the casing and provide cement assurance. Qualified beyond ISO 14310, the Welltec Annular Barrier assures life of well integrity capability as a result of its unique high expansion steel design and construction.

Sharing Technical Knowledge

They will also be making three presentations during the exhibition. These presentations offer insight into such various topics as subsea interventions, electric line milling and completions illustrated through the new WAB technology:

31 October at 16.35

“Modeling of Cable Forces as a Decision Support Tool for RLWI Operations” SPE 146017 will be presented by Solutions Advisor, Global Subsea Interventions, Morten Iversen. This presentation takes place in room 109, 111, 113 in the “Remedial Operations” session.

2 November at 08.55

“Practical Aspects of In-Situ Ball Seat Milling” SPE 147674 will be presented by Sales Director Helge Halvorsen. This presentation happens in room 109,111,113 in the Artificial Lift session.

2 November 08.30-11.55

They will present an e-Poster in room 201, 203 on Wednesday 2 November titled “A novel well annular barrier solution alternative to swellable casing packers” SPE 147082.

Source: Welltec , October 26 , 2011