USCG issues LNG barge design guidance

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As interest in the use of LNG as a maritime fuel has increased, the Coast Guard has been approached by a number of vessel designers and operators requesting specificity regarding the design and operation of barges carrying LNG in bulk.

To answer to these requests, the US Coast Guard issued a policy recommending design details for barges carrying LNG in bulk within the existing regulatory framework. The document consolidates guidance the Coast Guard has given to industry personnel who are designing LNG barges and to the Coast Guard personnel who are reviewing those designs, according to the USCG statement.

Coast Guard said in its notice that the policy applies only to non self-propelled vessels on domestic routes which:

  • Transport LNG in bulk, whether in single tanks or multiple tanks connected through a common manifold;
  • Are dedicated to LNG carriage only; and
  • Do not supply power or fuel from a barge to a towing vessel.

The Coast Guard also stressed that all barges designed to carry LNG in bulk must meet the requirements of 46 Code of Federal Regulations.

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LNG World News Staff, Image: WesPac Midstream

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