Value Maritime’s tech picked for Ardmore’s carbon capture-ready tankers

Bermuda-headquartered Ardmore Shipping has selected Value Maritime’s emission-reducing technology to install on six MR tankers.

Ardmore Shipping

As explained, the company has placed an order for the emissions-reducing Filtree system, including the Clean Loop system.

The Filtree system is based on technology that will filter sulphur, CO2 and 99% of ultra-fine particulate matter from the tankers’ exhaust stream.

Value Maritime has designed the Filtree as a plug-and-play system. The Filtree system, to be installed on the Ardmore tankers, will be outfitted with a modular CO2 capture and storage system to help reduce further emissions when this becomes viable. With this, CO2 is captured from a vessel’s exhaust and stored in tanks onboard. This is then discharged onshore where it can be used, for example, in the sustainable cultivation of greenhouse crops, methanol plants, and even the food industry.

 “We are already enjoying our collaboration with the team at Ardmore Shipping. Like us, they are always thinking of new ways to stay ahead and achieve substantial emissions savings to unlock further potential for greener operations. Integrating our technology into their suite of sustainable solutions means their fleet can make an impact from day one of sailing with the Filtree,” Yvette van der Sommen, Director Asia Pacific – Value Maritime, said.

Furthermore, the system uses a Clean Loop mechanism which additionally filters its own washing water, removing oil residues and particulate matter, ensuring the pH neutral value of the water, and contributing to reduced acidification of seas and rivers.  

Taking place during regularly scheduled drydocks, the Filtree units will be installed in yards in Europe and Asia. 

Through its Energy Transition Plan (ETP), Ardmore has set the target of playing a pivotal role in the industry’s goal to reach net-zero emissions. ETP focuses on three key areas: transition technologies, transition projects, and sustainable (non-fossil fuel) cargo. 

To achieve net-zero goals, the firm is finding technologies that promote the roll-out and short-term implementation of alternative fuels, as well as identifying and implementing fuel efficiency technologies that lead the way to a sustainable future for the tanker industry.

Aligning with Ardmore’s energy transition ambitions, the tankers will be made Carbon Capture ready for collecting CO2 emissions onboard in the future. 

“As we embrace what could be referred to as the next generation in exhaust gas cleaning system technology, Value Maritime’s Filtree is unique in its ability to not only clean and neutralize overboard discharge, but also offer an additional benefit in the form of a potential carbon capture upgrade, this allows us flexibility today, while future-proofing our vessels for tomorrow in an economical and efficient way,” Garry Noonan, Director of Innovation – Ardmore Shipping, noted.

Ardmore owns and operates a fleet of MR product and chemical tankers ranging from 25,000 to 50,000 deadweight tonnes. Through its fuel-efficient fleet  of mid-size tankers, seaborne transportation of petroleum products and chemicals, the company provides services to  oil majors, national oil companies, oil and chemical traders, and chemical companies.