VIDEO: CETO 5 technology

Carnegie Wave’s CETO 5 technology has been used for the recently grid connected Perth Wave Energy Project.

The CETO system operates completely submerged under water. Power can be generated either offshore or onshore.

For onshore generation, the fully submerged buoys drive seabed pump units to deliver high pressure water onshore through a subsea pipe.

The fluid then turns hydroelectric turbines which in turn generate electricity.

The high pressurized water can be also used to supply a reverse osmosis desalination plant.

The other way to produce electricity is offshore – the movement of the buoys drives pumps and generators that are contained within the buoy itself to produce electricity which is then delivered to shore through subsea cables.

The CETO 5 units have the capacity of 240 kW per buoy, and are 11 m in diameter.

Perth Wave Energy Project is comprised of three operating CETO 5 units.

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Image/Source: Carnegie Wave

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