VIDEO: FoundOcean Subsea Grouting for Offshore Wind Farms

VIDEO FoundOcean Subsea Grouting for Offshore Wind Farms

FoundOcean has successfully grouted jacket and template structures in all energy producing areas of the world since 1974.

Successful structural grouting relies on project preparation, experienced engineers and attention to detail during every stage of the project. FoundOcean understands that every platform is unique and so develops individual operating procedures for each project, giving details of the grouting operation and outlining contingency measures. On completion of a project, detailed reports are provided covering all offshore grouting operations and materials testing results.

FoundOcean offers as standard:

– Detailed quality assurance and control procedures

– Offshore materials testing laboratories and skilled technicians

– Skilled and experienced engineers, operatives and mechanics

– High capacity grout pumps to deliver grout to the structure

– A cement silo fleet with a capacity in excess of 2,000 tonnes

– Hose winches capable of deploying grout hose to the deepest structures

– ROV operated subsea grout connection systems

– ROV deployed grout density monitoring

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April 10, 2013; Image: FoundOcean