Video: FSU Armada LNG Mediterrana arrives in Malta

The floating storage unit (FSU) Armada LNG Mediterrana arrived in Malta on Monday where it will be deployed at the Delimara LNG regasification terminal and power station.

Build under a US$300 million contract Bumi Armada won from ElectroGas Malta in 2015, the FSU is a conversion of MOL’s 125,000-cbm MOSS LNG carrier Wakabu Maru.

The conversion has been carried out by Keppel shipyard and lasted 17 months, Bumi Armada said in a statement following the vessels sail away ceremony from the shipyard in Singapore.

Malta’s minister for energy and water, Konrad Mizzi, through his social media channels, confirmed the arrival of the vessel, saying the FSU underwent a series of tests, and also released videos of the event.

At a press briefing following the vessel’s arrival, Mizzi said that a number of safety tests and simulations will also be carried out during the coming days, Malta Today reports.

The FSU will deliver liquefied natural gas to the onshore regasification plant feeding natural gas to the 400 MW power station during the entire project life of 18 years.


LNG World News Staff