Video: Minesto’s Deep Green tidal kite

Swedish tidal energy developer Minesto has released a video animation showcasing the operational principles of its Deep Green tidal kite technology.

Minesto’s technology consists of a wing that resembles a kite, and includes watertight compartments for buoyancy system, batteries and pressure sensors.

The electricity is produced when the water current creates a hydrodynamic lift force on the wing which pushes the kite forward.

The kite is steered in an 8-shaped trajectory by a rudder, and as the kite moves, the water flows through the turbine with magnified power, producing the electricity in the gearless generator.

The power is then transmitted through a cable via a tether attached to the wing, to the subsea cables that are connected to the shore.

The first 500kW Deep Green tidal plant will be deployed in Holyhead Deep, off Northern Wales, later this year.

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