VIDEO: OPITO Calls for Common Global Training Standards in Oil&Gas Industry


OPITO is heightening its campaign for common global training standards across the oil and gas industry to dramatically improve safety with the launch of a short film.

Following its world premiere at the OPITO Safety and Competence Conference in Abu Dhabi today, the short film is being sent out via email and social media channels to oil and gas employers, workers and stakeholders in every oil-producing country around the world.

The film outlines OPITO’s quest to have every oil and gas worker, no matter where in the world, trained to OPITO standards.

David Doig, group chief executive of OPITO says: “One of the most pioneering and hi-tech industries in the world, the oil and gas industry operates in hostile environments and often hazardous conditions. OPITO aims to make it one of the safest.

“Every worker, on every helicopter trip, on every marine transfer, on every dive support vessel on every rig, on every drilling floor, has the fundamental right to know that the people around him, or her, are trained to the highest standards.”

“OPITO is that standard. There is no other like it and, through the adoption of these standards globally, we can help ensure every worker gets to work safely, works safely and comes home safe.”

More than 250,000 people per year train to the OPITO standards across the globe from New Zealand to the Gulf of Mexico now trained to OPITO standards, making the industry safer but OPITO is not complacent and this film aims to highlight the need for a common approach to global safety standards and is part of OPITO’s renewed drive for one common global standard.

David adds: “Employers should adopt OPITO standards, workers must demand them and training providers must train to these standards. Together, with one common global standard, we can make this industry even safer. OPITO means safety, security and ultimately saves lives.”

November 19, 2013



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