VIDEO: PSV Juanita Launched at Kleven Yard

PSV Juanita Launched at Kleven Yard

Norwegian Kleven yard, seated in Ulsteinvik, launched the first vessel designed by Salt on 14 September 2013. The ceremony  was attended by Ugland and Salt Ship Design representatives, along with the shipyard staff.

This project has been an exciting collaboration between Salt Ship Design, Ugland and Kleven that has resulted in a very modern vessel. ‘Juanita’ contains several new and future-oriented solutions, and is tailored to meet the oil companies’ demands for a modern PSV.

The SALT 100 PSV combines innovations in design and technology to achieve higher energy efficiency and more robust propulsion. The vessel has very low fuel consumption and is the first of its kind to adopt a new and more flexible and efficient solutions for cargo handling.

The vessel will be delivered from Kleven to the owner January 2014.


Saltship, September 18, 2013